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Let's explore innovation, bright ideas, growing thoughts, building connections, and reaching potential.

Anja Osenberg (cc)

What is an epiphany? My favorite definition comes from the Cambridge Dictionary: Epiphany - "a moment when you suddenly feel that you understand, or suddenly become conscious of something that is very important to you". My life has been full of epiphanies, some have stayed with me, some have drifted into my subconscious only to emerge again from the depths when a moment of clarity arises.

“There is nothing better than when something comes and hits you and you think 'YES'!” - J.K. Rowling

From a young age I contemplated the universe, the meaning of life, our place in all things, and our relationship to more transcendent aspects of existence. I would write pages about our connection to some unseen force in the universe and I would ask my mother questions that she says made her wonder, "where is all of this coming from?" I challenged some of the principles of my childhood church; I questioned precepts, not of rebellion, but out of a genuine desire to understand and to make discernible connections between actions and outcomes. Ultimately, my questions included: Why are we doing this? And what is the connection between what we are doing and what we aspire to? I was seeking connection to such a degree that once I asked my mother, "Mom, do you ever feel like you're from another planet and you're looking for your people?"

The Power of Why

Why am I writing a blog? To find meaning with you, to discover with you, to inspire with you, to exchange ideas as we traverse the limitless potential for growth. I want to explore ideas that transcend the barriers between who we are at home and who we are at work or in school. That thrust the ideas of intuition, wild creativity and independent thought across all perceived boundaries of our lives. I want to hold up ideas that inspire me and that I think exist "in the ether" for all to access. And finally, I want to challenge our assumptions about inspiration and accomplishment.

I believe a new idea, a lightning strike of insight is a personal, intimate and internal experience, whether in a crowd or sitting alone. I'd like to ponder and simmer these ideas, let them stew, flip them over and examine them. Though humanity doesn't have a universal grasp on the inner workings of conscious thought, I am most interested in the concepts that transcend limitations to help individuals and groups to reach their greatest potential.

Welcome to Epiphany!

*An article about the very realistic considerations when starting a blog!


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