Nice to meet you!

Welcome to my site!  I am passionate about supporting and facilitating the growth, development, and evolution of people, ideas, groups and organizations.  I've had a long career in both allopathic and alternative health care and improvement.  I believe in transcending perceived limitations toward reaching our greatest potential as individuals and groups.

Education: ASc Environmental Medicine, B.Sc. Human Resource Development, M.Ed. and Human Resource Studies in Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change

Certifications: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Quality Improvement Facilitator, Change Management Professional, NHS Change Agent, Mindfulness for Health Care Professionals, Guided Meditation Instructor, Professional Life Coach, Coaching out of the Box, and alternative medicine certifications.

I began my career in Public Health for over ten years  and have since spent over twenty years in program leadership, planning, and innovative health care improvement.  I teach a variety of courses to support organizational, professional, and personal growth and development.  I have been teaching meditation and coaching individuals through change and transformation since 1995.

I am honoured to work with you or your company to help you understand and overcome any barriers to your greatest potential and reaching the goals that are important to you.


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